8 O’clock in the morning.

Morning is DEFINITELY not my favourite part of the day. It’s gloomy and wet in my world this morning, but no matter how bad my morning may be it is not as bad as the morning that Mary Bailey is about to have. Scarlett’s friend is about to walk into a nightmare, and it will be up to Sam to extricate her from the dilemma; but for now, let us watch the story unfold………

The Long Weekendd


Sam and Scarlett’s adventures did not end when you finished reading ‘THE LONG WEEKEND’. 

Scarlett grew up with Mary Bailey. Mary’s world is about to be turned upside down. Scarlett will turn to her man for help, and you know that Sam will do anything for Scarlett, but this case is going to test Sam’s skill and Scarlett’s courage, and it all began at 8 O’clock in the morning…………..

8 O’Clock in the morning.

At that hour of the morning the first cup of coffee is only just making inroads.

The Sergeant is droning on about last nights burglaries and punch ups and road accidents.

He’s very slowly getting around to telling us what our first assignments are for the day.

Crossing guard duty is top of the list of favourites.

Some old dear who usually does the job rings in sick and there are no easy replacements so we…

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