On the Bridge at Midnight.


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This story is now part of TRUST and SLIGHTLY SPOOKY STORIES.

I looked for you last night, on the bridge, but I got distracted.

There was a carnival and a huge old carousel.

Something told me that you too had been attracted to the sight and sounds.

I stood by the carousel and watched it whirling by. It was moving too fast for me to be able to recognise the faces of everyone on board, so I had to wait for it to complete another circuit, then another, and another.

I stood and watched, each time expecting to see your laughing face because, of course, you would be laughing.

I waited for the longest time and eventually the carousel began to slow.

Ever so slowly it came to a halt and the happy throng disembarked, but you were not among them.

Maybe you had gotten off on the other side? I hurried around but the riders had dispersed by the time I got there.

I was a little sad but the sound of the carousel, as it started off with its new load of passengers, raised my spirits.

I went back to the bridge and waited, but I must have fallen asleep because now it was morning.

A street-sweeper woke me and suggested that I get a cup of coffee at the cafe across the road; at least that’s what I think he suggested.

I sat in the cafe and drank my coffee and watched Paris wake up for another day.

The day would be long and pointless.

All that mattered was that I am back on this bridge tonight once more, at midnight.

10 thoughts on “On the Bridge at Midnight.

  1. Nice little story Terry, Hope you and your family are enjoying the Festive Season.
    Nice cool day today and I was all set to go out with the camera after yesterday’s busy festivities, but have woken up with a sore throat and greatly fatigued so maybe a quiet day at home – that’s the trouble with fragile health – it only takes a few busy days to upset the Balance.
    Hope all is well in your household……Vicki

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    • Thanks Vicki. I hope you are feeling better. My troops are in Adelaide but I did get to spend some time with my second son and his good lady and their dogs…… it was great fun. This story comes from a game that my wife and I play when she is away from home. We meet on a bridge in Paris at 12 midnight Melbourne time. It keeps us connected……. except when I fall asleep on the bridge and miss seeing her.
      Be well and be happy. I’m sending you healing vibes.

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  2. To cross a bridge, a river or a border is to leave behind the familiar, personal and
    comfortable and enter the unknown, a different and strange world where, faced
    with another reality, we may well find ourselves bereft of home and identity.
    —Jean-Pierre Vernant

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    • Thank you for your comments…….. always appreciated.
      It has been an excellent year for us here ‘down under’ and it has been a while since I have been able to say that. You have had a good year as well and I wish us all an even better one next year.
      To you and yours from me and mine…… good luck, good fortune, and health and happiness.

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    • Thanks kid…….. same to you. Thank you for being one of my VERY loyal readers during 2014. It means a lot to me to know that people keep coming back and giving up precious moments of their life in order to read one of my stories. I hope that 2015 will be even more exciting than 2014, and I hope that the universe smiles on you and yours.

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