Passerby is now on paper.


There is something about the feeling of a real book, in your hands. The anticipation of what is to come. What will I use for a bookmark?

My first collection of short stories [it’s actually book 2 in the series, but let’s not get confused at this early stage] has been out in the world since late last year and it has been received by a thunderous silence, but that’s okay. It’s all part of my cunning plan to write a stunning body of work and be acclaimed posthumously and have my ancestors spend the proceeds when I’m gone……… no wait……. that was the nightmare I had last night……… forget that I said any of that.

Passerby lives!

IMG_2939 It’s important to remember not to put your hand over the title of the book when taking promotional shots.


Some of my more dedicated readers will remember that I attempted to ‘crowd fund’ the expenses associated with the publishing of this anthology. So what did I learn from this experience? That’s a good question, and I’m glad that you asked. Firstly, I learned that people can be very generous even when they have very little, and asking for help, even when there are rewards involved, is very difficult indeed. I didn’t come close to reaching my target but a few hardy souls used my Pay Pal button and sent me donations anyway.

As any writer will tell you, the hardest part of publishing is the editing phase. In this case I had to find photos to go with some of the stories because I didn’t own the rights to the original illustrations.

I had more than 130 stories to choose from and this created a problem. I wanted the collection to have some sort of loose theme, and in the end I chose stories that demanded a sequel, and in some cases a third part. A few ‘one off’ stories made their way in there as well and in the end I was very happy with the stories that I had chosen.

I tried the collection out on a few friends and the response was favourable. Of course I knew that each individual story had received a good reception on WP, but the question was whether they would work together.

I sound like a proud dad, but I am pleased with every story in this book and I know that the people who choose to purchase it will get their money’s worth.

The book is available on all major platforms and from all major eBook retailers [all my books seem to do well on iBooks for some reason], but now it is available as a ‘proper book’. All you have to do is hit the link and it will take you to the printer’s site, and you can purchase a copy.


Above is a shot of me reading ‘Passerby’. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I can recommend it as a sure cure for whatever ails you.


This is a photo of me when I travelled back in time. They didn’t have colour photographs back then so a black and white one will have to suffice. I’m not saying that you will be able to time travel if you buy this book but it is worth buying the book just on the off-chance. Good luck and good reading.


Paper copy……





18 thoughts on “Passerby is now on paper.

  1. “How do you get the bubbles into the beer?”
    You say “congrats” and then the people you congratulate use more oxygen than usual.
    Next the extra exhaled CO2 is forced into the drink, perhaps Champagne in this case!

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  2. Well done, Terry.
    Congratulations. Nothing like a real book on the shelf.

    (but having said that my friends bought me 2 for my Birthday on Australia Day and there’s no way I can read the thick fiction. I’m enjoying Michael Leunig’s little one though. A few lines per page is the tops for me these days).

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    • Belated happy birthday, and I too share your liking for Michael Leunig’s work….. amazing bloke……. get your friends to buy you audio books, or better still, get them to come around and read to you…… I’m sure that a glass of wine or two will keep them going.
      My next goal is to have my books put on to audio files, but that is way too expensive at the moment. I’d do it myself but my wife tells me I’m not a good reader……… critics!


  3. YAY!!!!! And where *did* you get that nifty WordPress t-shirt? Or do they only give those out to writers who get *real* print books? 😉 PS, I have finally gotten iBooks so I was finally able to read the rest of your digi-oeuvre and now you go and get it done all 20th century-like. Sounds like some kind of Gift of the Magi story, huh? 🙂 No worries! I will find a way to get a copy, some how, some platform. Keep up the good typing, Terry!!!

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  4. Applying my in-built patience and determination I have built up a reputation for incompetence, but still I am worried I cannot find the book on Am I looking in the wrong spot. Its a matter of importance to have your book join others on my much loved book shelf. Well done you, by the way. It is a great achievement

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    • Thanks Peter. atm the paper version is only available from Blurb [link in the story] this works well for North American humans but the postage gets a bit steep for the rest of us……. eBook might be easier…. links also supplied………. I’ll look into the Amazon paper book question and let you know [the joys of being your own publisher].


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