Sam Bennett Case Files: Antonio.

Who would have thought that fruit could get you into trouble……..

The Long Weekendd


Sam’s life took a strange turn whenever he ate watermelon.

Other people were affected by the phases of the moon or by stepping into an unexpected puddle, but for Sam it always seemed to be watermelon.

No one had pointed this out, Sam had worked it out, all by himself.

Sam’s watermelon dealer had a stall at the Queen Victoria Market.

Many nefarious characters could be found at the Queen Vic’, and information was there for the asking. Watermelon and information went hand in hand with Sam, as did an espresso and a cold beer.

Unfortunately watermelon is a seasonal fruit so its delights were only available during the warmer months. Melbourne summers were famous for melting the skin off your neck and a cool slice helped to ease the discomfort.

Sam had noticed Antonio at the Market and wondered why he was wandering around on school days. Having skipped…

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