‘Loyal and True’ Pre Orders.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.24.50 pm

Pre-orders for LOYAL AND TRUE will be available tomorrow on Smashwords and Amazon……… and in a couple of days on iBooks.

Price will be $3.99 US and the official release date will be May 18th 2015.

If you think I’m excited, you would be right.

This is the second in a series of anthologies and it contains some of my very favourite stories.

4 thoughts on “‘Loyal and True’ Pre Orders.

    • Me too, obviously. I could not resist it. My talented son took it at his previous house. I fixed the door that the dog is looking through. My son has an excellent ‘photographer’s eye’. He is laid up for a few day….. had a few teeth out. I used a few of his photos for the book. There is a chance that the photo gives the wrong impression as to what the book is about, but I don’t care…. I love that shot.
      Thanks for noticing. Hope you are out and about, and all rugged up.

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