Michael wasn’t lost.

He wasn’t where he was supposed to be, but he wasn’t lost.

The afternoon was warm and the sun shone with an unnatural golden glow. The air was hazy and it matched his state of mind.

The city could be noisy and distracting, but not on this day.

People, who normally frowned, smiled at him.

Someone had turned the sound down and the colour up.

He wasn’t sure where he finished and the city began.

He was searching for something, but if someone asked him to put it into words he would not be able to answer.

It occurred to him that this was not altogether an uncomfortable feeling.

He had no idea if his heart would find what it was searching for, and at this moment, it didn’t seem to matter.


6 thoughts on “GOLDEN LIGHT.

    • Thanks, Vicki.
      The photo is mine, but I did fiddle with it just a bit. It was an amazing day and the sun was at just the right angle. When I went looking for an image to go with the story I remembered this shot, it seemed to capture the feeling of the story. Thank you for noticing.


    • Thanks, Peter.
      Glad you liked the picture and the story.
      My character is searching, or I think he is. I remember thinking that it was strange that I didn’t work out if he ever found what he was looking for. I hope he did.


  1. “Someone had turned the sound down and the colour up.” — love it! I also love that in Oz, you still spell ‘colour’ correctly. publishers are loving the near-novella sized pieces these day, but I think their readers also love little moments like this. thanks, mate.

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