Tasty Pig Cafe.


Terry had been working the night shift at the Tasty Pig Cafe for the past two years. It wasn’t what he had dreamed of doing for the rest of his life but the pay was reasonable and he got the room above the shop for half rent as long as he worked at the Caf’. Terry didn’t much like daytime people. Nighttime people weren’t much better, but at least there were fewer of them. He’d been discharged from the army after surviving the entire war. He had seen and done things he didn’t want to remember and the monotonous routine of the corner cafe kept him from thinking too much about what had gone before. He had a library card, a small dog and all he could eat, which was more than most people had. Terry was practising gratefulness — it was  a slow process. Years of staying alive in a world where most people wanted to kill you had taught Terry to quickly assess people, and this well-dressed lady sitting in his front window staring across the street was not up to any good.


7 thoughts on “Tasty Pig Cafe.

  1. More! More! [And even though I feel compelled at times to use ones own name as a character, I find it sucks!] There are a thousand directions this story can go n my mind – which I presume is the purpose of it! Well done again!

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    • It is strange seeing your own name in something you wrote. I’ve never used my own name before, and I cannot remember why I did this time. Your wish for ‘more’ will be fulfilled because this is a snippet from a longer work which will (hopefully) be published before Christmas. Terry is a minor character, but he plays a very important role. I hope you enjoy it.

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    • You are right, of course. POV. Now that the book which he appears in is almost finished, I might let him run and see where he goes. Thank you for the comment (and the insight).


      • re POV: when I briefly lived in Indonesia, I stared at a wall map & wondered why (quite apart from language) it seemed so odd. Ah! It had Indonesia etc. in the middle, instead of Canada etc… (And yes, I’ve seen & appreciated Aussie maps that turn the world the other way up — equally valid.)


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