Major Word


Retirement was only a few days away.

His farewell celebration had been planned and catered for.

Everything was in place.

The Major had killed a lot of people on many continents and in many different wars.

His country was famous for invading and taming the inhabitants then leaving what was left of the country to its own devices, only to invade again a few decades later.

This was a heck of a job.

Constant warfare against inferior forces with lots of guns and gadgets which always gave his forces the upper hand.

Superior firepower always won the day — except for that one time.

Life was never boring and he didn’t have time to think about the people he killed.

Of course, he didn’t kill them personally. The people under his command did the actual killing, he simply gave the orders.

Naturally, he saw the news footage — got a glimpse of the suffering, but none of it penetrated his armour plated heart.

His country right or wrong.

The celebrations were in full swing when Private Momment emptied the chambers in his sidearm.

He reloaded and emptied them again.

This went on for quite a while before private Momment got bored and turned his weapon on himself.

Major Word was struck somewhere towards the end of the second reload.

There were the inevitable inquiries preceded by the plethora of false and misleading news reports.

The final report came out months after the incident and was buried on page seventeen of the largest selling newspaper in that city.

You are thinking that it should have been on the front page?

Unfortunately, the truth, once it was revealed, was unpalatable.

Had it been an attack by an undercover enemy sympathiser it would have received more ink, but, unfortunately, Private Momment was just a spoilt arsehole who believed that he had been passed over for promotion and decided to seek glory in momentary headlines.

There were so many ironies in this sad affair that it was amazing that someone had not tripped over one of them and sprained an ankle.

You are probably wondering why Private Momment was not shot dead by one of the soldiers present? The army base had been hit by a series of shootings involving army personnel in the past few years so they banned weapons on the base. The guards at the gate were armed to the teeth, but everyone else wasn’t.

Of course, a lot of people were blamed for allowing Private Momment to smuggle a weapon onto the base, but there was little satisfaction in that because most of them had been killed or wounded in the initial attack.

There is nothing patriotic about being killed by an entitled, well-trained killing machine, on home soil, but they gave Major Word a big send-off none the less. After all, he had killed a lot of people in the name of his country and that was worth remembering.

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