A Stack of Books


I love to see books in stacks.

I have them all over our house. Mostly because I get too ambitious about what I am to read next and sometimes because cool books present themselves to me at a bargain price. What am I to do? I have to have them, right?

Other times, it’s because I have gathered a few books together to take to our secondhand bookshop, or in the case of not very good books, to the charity shop. The pile usually sits there for a while until I get around to taking them.

The stack in the photo is different.

They are all mine. By that, I mean I wrote them. There is something incredibly satisfying about looking at a stack of your own books.

Until recently, the idea of stacking them up in one place did not occur to me, but toward the end of last year, there was a flurry of publishing activity and now it seems worthwhile.

I’ll put them back on the shelf eventually, but for now, I’m going to enjoy walking past them every time I go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee (which is quite frequently!)

11 thoughts on “A Stack of Books

  1. This is impressive, Terry! Very happy for you. I promised myself I’d stack some books of my own, but until now I have them only in e-book version. Okay, now to make it black on white, I’m making the promise in this comment: I’ll have them printed from CreateSpace when I publish the next one 🙂 And oh, do I feel you with the coffee. I’ll certainly do the same when I have the books, pass by them deliberately to make myself yet another coffee – I’m a coffee junkie, LOL.

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  2. I used to hold onto books and then one day, randomly gave them all away. I figured I wasn’t going to read them again, so why not let someone have them. Did they read them? I don’t know, but I sure feel good about moving it forward. I have a handful of books now. I think I’ll hold onto those for a while longer.

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