4 thoughts on “Kitchen Fire

  1. Lol! If I haven’t read some of your other flash fiction, it is only because I couldn’t see the text against the background image (me old eyes you know). So where it is nice and clear I have been able to enjoy it. I know, I should have said before but just never got round to it, sorry.

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    • Fair enough. The development of the ‘poster’ is ongoing and getting the print to stand out is a challenge. I choose the artwork very carefully, so the obvious fix of ‘fading’ the image, does not sit well with me. I’ll keep working on them and you can tell me how effective I get. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Terry

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      • You could try a bit of shadow on the text or perhaps giving it an outline with a 1 pixel stroke. It is possible for me to read the text on a large screen but not with as much ease as would be comfortable. I cannot read it on my phone screen and it is often this device I am using when reading blogs. The reader option with Safari on the iPhone won’t work either because it is an image so the text is not separated out. If you could use the images a page background so that the text is text, that might work. Sorry if I’m a pain – just trying to help 😉

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