RUFUS on Amazon — paperback

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That’s right. RUFUS is now available as a paperback from Amazon’s US store (and their UK store and a bunch of others, but not the Australian store as yet).

RUFUS is a good and wise dog. I know you will enjoy his company.


2 thoughts on “RUFUS on Amazon — paperback

    • Thanks, Peter. When it comes to ‘Literary Success’, I’m happy to be second in line behind you, my friend. Thanks for all your support. Sadly, the Universe decides these things so I keep on working and try not to think about it (too much). A friend asked me why I was psychically stopping this success from arriving. I had to admit that it was a good question. I have decided to reframe what I see as ‘success’ because I decided that the disruption caused by ‘major success’ is not for me — I like a quiet life. So now, success for me is gaining readers each year at a much higher rate than the previous year, that way, by the time I turn one hundred and fifteen I may be able to afford to paint the house — just kidding, but you get my drift? I just got through wasting a year of my creative life and I cannot afford to do that as none of us knows how many productive years we have. I’m now very protective of my creative hours each day, so major success would be a distraction — minor success will have to do. I must say that I look forward to the day when I hear you (and a couple of other writers here on WP) complaining about all the bothersome duties that a major author has to attend to, and I’m not kidding — I get a buzz out of watching (and reading about) my talented colleagues’ success.


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