I’m starting to get a bit sick of people complaining about winter.

One of the delights of living in this part of the world is the fact that we have four distinct seasons.

I can be a tad cynical at times, but that cynicism is generally directed at the activities and dishonesty of my fellow humans, but I tend to leave Nature alone.

I am genuinely surprised and delighted as each new season unfolds.

Winter has a unique appeal.

To start with, it is usually too cold and wet to work in the garden. Which is an absolute bonus as far as I’m concerned. My mum was an avid gardener, and as much as I tried, I could not catch that particular bug. I like looking at gardens, and I enjoy sitting and walking in them, I just don’t enjoy working in them, and these days my ancient body really lets me know it when I venture out with good intentions to make the garden look presentable. I do have to mow the lawns occasionally as the dogs are tiny and they tend to disappear into the long grass. They think it’s great fun, but the Vet bills tend to push me out there to keep the grass and weeds down so that they don’t irritate their delicate skin.

Apart from not having to do anything in the garden, there is the absolute delight of sitting in front of the open fire, sometimes writing, sometimes with a glass of whisky or decent red, and sometimes just meditating. You can feel your stress and worries disappearing up the chimney; it’s brilliant.

If you have dogs in your life you will know that they love to cuddle up and in summer that can be a bit of a problem, but in winter they are very welcome, and as dogs operate at a full degree higher than humans, they are like little hot water bottles. Ours like to sit on feet, and this is very comforting in the cold weather.

Sitting in a cafe at any time of the year is OK by me, but it is unique in the winter as you can sit there in the warmth and look out at the atmospheric weather. Because we have dogs, we often relax outside, and during the summer it can be challenging to find a seat, but in winter we can have our pick, and we get many compliments on our courage, although they might think that we are a bit crazy.

I get a lot more work done in the winter.

Like many writers, I can invent a thousand distractions so that I don’t have to face that blank page. The warmer weather is full of beautiful distractions, but winter helps me stay put, concentrate, and get on with it.

I guess it’s a bit like eating your favourite food every day, the initial joy wears off, and it becomes commonplace. That’s how it is for me with seasons. I love winter, but by the time we get to the end of it I’m ready for something new and along comes spring, and so it goes. Sometimes I think that the Universe designed it that way just so that I would not get bored. After all, the Universe does revolve around me.

Thank you, Universe.

12 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Sadly for me, it’s “Meh” to winter…but your use of capitals on Universe and Nature got me curious as to style. Was able to satisfy my curiosity with Googling when to capitalize these two words. Not sure about Vet, though?

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    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry winter is not fun for you — most people would agree with you. As for ‘style’… that’s the fun thing about being a writer, you can create and adapt your own style so long as it does not take your reader out of the story. Terry


  2. Like you, I enjoy very season and find something to celebrate in every one. To live in a place where there were no seasons would be a kind of purgatory. Having said that, my remark to someone that a walk up the hill in the pouring rain was energising and character building earned me the raised eyebrow award !!

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  3. Yes, winter is wonderful. Seasons are wonderful. I think it’s the dynamic of the change — of the morphing from one season into the next — that is best of all. BTW (new topic), I gave you a plug & offered you a short-story topic in my latest post “True Story.” Obviously no obligation on your part, but that moment-on-the-bus did bring your kind of story tone to mind.

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  4. Four seasons each year, distinct and delightful for health as well as for taste. Change your routine with the season, it will add colour to your life once again.CLothes, activities, food and play usher in seasons in their own way.

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  5. I don’t object to an apologia for winter, but I do object when the Melbourne winter drags on into the middle of December!

    I got so sick of it that by last month I was breaking my iron rule of never venturing out the door without an overcoat when it’s less than 20 degrees. In my desperation for some spectre of summer to appear, I was trying to kid myself that I could survive with just an unlined raincoat as a topcoat.

    That gripe out of the way, I’m in total agreement with you about sitting on a café terrace in winter. I do love shivering in Centre place, overcoated, gloved, and scarfed to the gills, trying to wrap myself around the tiny ‘hearth in a cup’ which a good coffee represents.

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  6. I love your ‘overcoat rant’. It does take a certain level of tolerance to exist with Melbourne weather.
    Good to hear from you.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    I like to imagine you ‘out there’, having noir adventures.
    Be well.


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