The Protest of Romance Against the Commonplace of Life



As far back as anyone can remember, there was the three of us.

Of course, there were others — friends, relatives, enemies, confederates, liars and parasites. But through it all, we remained untouched, unsullied and unconcerned.

My main job was to not favour one over the other — a clear course to disaster.

They both wanted me, and the feeling was mutual, but to fall in love with one more than the other would pull our world apart.

I’d loved them both — not at the same time, we were too young to be that creative or that unselfish. Our carnal adventures were played out over the raging fire of adolescence. We could not; would not see any further than our triumvirate.

I’m younger in years but older and wiser. I put a gentle stop to our naked activities, and it has been that way ever since — not an easy feat.

We are closer than family, fiercely loyal and dangerous to cross, as certain people have found out.

There are ‘sticks and stones’ to deal with from time to time, but we’ve heard all the jealous jibes, and they roll off us before they even make contact.

The concept of ‘friends forever’ seems to be a belief of the young. Life pulls friendships apart, but our goal is to be the exception.

Small cracks are beginning to show as our careers begin to accelerate and war looms, but for now, we are here together, and the sun is shining, and the breeze is cool.

If yesterday is a foreign land then tomorrow is a promise never fulfilled — give me today every time. 

8 thoughts on “The Protest of Romance Against the Commonplace of Life

  1. Thanks Bruce. Your comment made my wife laugh.
    P.S. I notice the time stamp when you read my stories and it freaks me out. You are up VERY early in the morning, even allowing for a slight time difference — respect! Terry


    • Thank you for those kind words. I appreciate that you took the time to comment, it means a lot. I’m very pleased with this short piece. I was in an interesting state of mind when I wrote it. Thanks again for noticing. Terry

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  2. A very sensitive rendering of the feminine point of view, Terry. Reminds me a bit of “Jules et Jim”, that wonderful movie by Truffaut. I trust all is going well with you out there in the Dandenongs, and that you haven’t been washed away by the weather!


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