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I’m an author who lives and works in the Dandenong Ranges, on the eastern edge of Melbourne Australia.

I’ve watched more movies than you’ve had hot dinners and I enjoy writing about education, with a particular emphasis on home schooling and helping parents with children who are at school. (Update — I don’t do this much anymore)

I’ve recently discovered that ( been at it for a number of years now) I can write fiction and I’m not bad at children’s stories.

I’ve been taking photos since the early 1950s.

I contribute articles to The Foothills on education and dog psychology (I’m the bloke you see walking with the two fluffy white dogs). (The Foothills gig is no more and one of the fluffy white dogs died in 2019, miss you, Honey)

I’m currently trying to remain sane as well as writing a biography of Gavin Smith and SOUPEES.

I love Italian food and walks in the rain.

I take one day at a time but occasionally I’m attacked by several days at once.

I think that we should all live in peace, but I also think that is unlikely.

Several people would like me to live somewhere else, but I really like it here.

My amazing wife and I have lived in the hills for a little over thirty-six years. (forty-four years)

My favourite colour is green and so is my favourite car.

I’m amazed that I have lived this long, and I hope that you enjoy reading the things that I write.

But that’s not all………………….

I started my working life as a Primary School Teacher in the early 1970s.

Since then I have been a stained glass craftsman, furniture restorer, restorer of Player Pianos and music rolls, author (two books  eighteen books so far another on the way Two more on the way), photographer, basketball trading card manufacturer, basketball coach, basketball player, basketball referee, part-time shop assistant, newspaper columnist, homeschool dad, husband, father, grandfather, and a few other bits and pieces, and not in this order.

I have been arm-wrestling depression and anxiety for the better part of twenty years (thirty years) and I only just worked out that I’m not going to beat either of them, but I do seem to be winning.

I’m fascinated by people, but I prefer dogs.

I’m amazed that anyone does anything.

I’ve learned that being still is not ‘doing nothing’.

I’ve gotten to a point in my life that I have to write.

I’ve learned that small visiting dogs will eat your reading glasses if you don’t keep an eye on them.

All dogs talk, you just have to learn how to listen.

I’m not frightened of dying, but sometimes life scares the hell out of me.

I love the colour green especially when it is painted on a Jaguar saloon car. (which I can no longer afford to keep on the road)

I love driving but most of the time I like to be here. It’s raining at the moment and that’s OK.

I love travelling on trains and I like money. I respect what it can do and it amazes me that so many people handle it badly. Money is just a tool and I would like to have a small continuous stream of it.

I like being paid to write but at the moment this does not happen nearly enough. (Unfortunately, this is still true)

I think that birds are cool, but I don’t think that they spend any time thinking about me, even though I give them lots of stale bread, and the occasional pizza crust…….. ungrateful bastards!

I hardly ever wear a watch, which is kinda sad as I own a really nice one.

I got an earring a few years ago because I thought it might help to change my life; it did a bit but not as much as I thought it would…… I lost my really nice earring, I looked for it, but it was dark.

Me rambling on about education and home schooling…….. http://schoome.wordpress.com/

Me rambling on about Understanding Your Dog……………..http://barcaupthewrongtree.wordpress.com/

And more recently……. me just rambling on……. http://terryrbarca.wordpress.com/

Me adding extra stories to the Sam and Scarlett adventures that started with THE LONG WEEKEND.



My first Fiction Novella


My first book. Published in 2010.



 Short Story anthology Book 1

PASSERBY cover png

Shorty Story anthology Book 2

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.25.15 am

 Short Spooky Stories

TRUST final cover (1)

Rufus cover 3 large

Short Stories for those who are young at heart

Red Wheelbarrow cover # 3 (1)

Short Story anthology Book 3

Version 2

Mystery Novella

sometimes I just cannot stay awakeGlamorous lifestyle.

IMG_0127These creatures keep me sane.


Since I started this blog in 2013 a few rather nice things have happened to do with writing, so I thought I would include a few of the pieces that have been published.

Let’s face it, if you have read this far down the page you are a glutton for punishment so it serves you right.

I’ve been published a few times.




Schoome: An Adventure in Home Schooling 2010 [Book]

Spiders Trading Web [Book.. unpublished]

Otherways in 2011 [article]

The Foothills magazine 20122014

The Milkbar Magazine 2013

Theunfair faxmachine in 2013 [The Spotted Librarian]

Grassroots 2013, 2014

The Age 2012 [short article on Home Schooling]



The Foothills Magazine 2012, 2013, 2014

Positive Words Magazine 2014

Creative Frontiers 2014

The Community Storyboard 2013 [7 stories], 2014.

The Paperbook Collective 2014

Toasted Cheese 2014

The Tophat Raven 2014

Southerly [The Long Paddock… online edition]



I have self-published two Non-Fiction books.

I have published one (four) novella [fiction] and there is a second [and a third] one well under way; all three books have the same central charactersSam and Scarlett.

(I’ve also published several collections of short stories, two novels and two novelettes)


 Short stories are my strong suit. (This is still true and I try and publish (here on WordPress) a new short story every week (Saturday Australian time)

Enjoy my work. Then buy me a coffee?

Enjoy my work. Then buy me a coffee?

181 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping in and following my blog Kind of Mind. Always good to find other dog lovers! I’m enjoying going through your writing and am looking forward to reading more!


  2. Hi, I wanted to thank you for liking my post because it led me to your blog. I really like what you have to say and I love your little dogs…they remind me of my little fellow (the one who often suffers in my illustrations but on the whole has a pretty good life).


    • You are very welcome and I’m pleased that you did find me. Thank you also for the kind words. I’m very lucky to have those two dogs and one day I’ll tell the stories of how they found us. I love your illustrations and I particularly like the one with the little dog staring at the teeth in the glass.
      Be well.



  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hanging out a bit, and the follow. Thanks also for “stirring the view” in sharing your perceptions of life and simple things we take for granted!


  4. Thanks for like! I have my own struggles from time to time with panic attacks so can relate to your post here.
    Love your dogs, they are very cute!


    • I did like what I saw. I’m a selfish bastard and I only follow quality, I don’t have time to waste…….. not true I have heaps of time to waste but I do insist on quality.


  5. Pingback: ABOUT | SCHOOME

  6. Hi Terry, cool all the different stuff you have been doing. I was laughing at the earring part – isn’t it funny how we are looking for that one accessory that could somehow change things hehehe. You aren’t blogging anonymously like so many others. You found it helpful?I wonder if one should be rather anonymous in order to write off-mainstream stuff?. But being face value keeps me from saying stuff that would be embarrassing if anyone should find out .. and keeps me from blogging about real life people that did real stupid stuff, lest they read it and be offended 😉 Great blog! Dog rock. And education too. Check my posts about education in South Africa if you like. http://cvheerden.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/education-and-twitter-activism/


    • Thanks cv, It is funny, the things we think will change us or our circumstance. The thing is, sometimes they do, at least for a while, so I guess they have some value. As for the anonymous thing, I think it has it’s place. Employers and friends can be very intrusive these days. You can lose friends (https://araneus1.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/you-cannot-please-everyone/) and in another life I used to write under a avatar because the subject matter was money and sometimes money can bring out the very worst in people.
      There have been some very famous female authors who wrote under assumed names; sometimes you just need the protection.
      My stuff gets linked to my Facebook account so I have to be a little bit careful as I write a lot of personal stuff. Fortunately my friends rarely read my stuff so I don’t get into as much trouble as I should…… You can always count on being ignored on Facebook especially if you are not known for posting photos of your butt!
      Glad you like the dog stuff and the education stuff is a real passion of mine. I’m about to follow your link and see what you have to say about education in your neck of the woods.


      • Thanks! I am not a conspiracy freak, but especially after watching Skyfall (of all things) I had this knot deep in my stomache that the digital footprints we are leaving might very quickly become digital footchains … “like” the wrong thing and you might be considered a fundamentalist, post in the wrong tone and it might be misunderstood as harrassment and one day we all wake up and google assumed world wide dictatorship … maybe I should post my whacky fears in a sci-fi thriller or something.


  7. Thank you for your ‘Like’ of my latest post. I truly appreciate it. So many questions are raised in my head when I get a like out of a blue. Who is Araneus1? Well some of the answers are in your about page. But the about page also raises questions. My blog is not about dogs, nor is it about schooling. You have no obvious interest in caravanning. How did you find my post so quickly after my posting? What is in my post that you liked? The photos? The words? The subject? I wished a like could be more descriptive.

    I read a bit on your blog. I like your attitude to life. I like the way you write. Some of your photos I like. I am not that keen on ‘cute’ dogs. I read your article published in the Foothill Newspaper about Zoidberg’s Birthday. Brilliant!


    • Hi Eric, thank you for the kind words and the questions.You are a curious person. Answer; I would have found you if your post was tagged photography or Australia as they were my searches today. From memory your featured photo was a jaffle iron on a barbie. I have not done enough searches on Australia [where I live] so I thought that I had better see what was out there. Most of the time I don’t care where a good post comes from as good writing [or photography] knows no boundary. Glad you liked Zoidberg’s birthday story, I had a lot of fun writing it, and yes I do like caravans but I prefer motorhomes, but I don’t travel much.


  8. Hi! I too love the colour green. I’ve always been drawn to it. Then one day, I took myself to a “Psychic Expo” and had my aura photo taken and lo and behold my aura is green, which represents healing. I also has golden globes floating around above my head – lol – apparently they’re my spirit guides. It was fun to have my aura photo taken. I wonder if I should ever go to one of these expo’s again and have another photo taken, if my aura is still green?

    I too believe that doing “nothing” is actually doing “something.” A pity that not too many people understand this. 🙂


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. A friend who knows these things said that my aura was grey, which is not good. Hopefully it has changed colour since then as I’m doing much better now.


  9. Hi there!
    I am Dina, nice to meet you. I’m absolutely thrilled to be here. …. “I’ve watched more movies than you’ve had hot dinners and I enjoy writing” …hahaha 🙂 that’s an intro good enough for me, I’m your new follower and I’m really looking forward to see a lot more of your fine work in the fuure. Have a great Weekend!
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley
    big doglover ♥ Dina


    • Hi Dina, thank you for those lovely comments, and thank you for the ‘follow’.
      My ancestors came from your part of the world and I’m very proud of that heritage.


  10. Hi, loved the YouTube walk! right from the James Joyce novel proving so useful through human & doggie behaviour, the cafe visit, the repurposed architecture, even some graffiti at the end (but wonderful that the wall of quotes and comments was not defaced). We too have abandoned tram and railway branch lines turned into walk/cycling routes. Always good to see.


  11. I wanted to drop a quick note to a handful of my most loyal followers, you being one of them, and say thank you. I started blogging somewhat reluctantly but have come to really enjoy it primarily because of bloggers like you. You have been a litmus test for many of my posts and if I see your like pop up, I know I must be doing something right. 😉 And not that I ever could improve your blog but if you ever need a custom graphic or musical suggestion, I’m your man. Thanks again. – Kelly


    • This is very cool and a lot of pressure all at the same time!
      Firstly I really enjoy your stuff, your musical choices are interesting and eclectic.
      Your design stuff is amazing, but having said that you should probably not use me as a test of anything!
      I think, but I’m not completely sure, that I’m a bit strange.
      Also, do not take a lack of a ‘like’ as a judgement on my part. Sometimes I miss some of your posts, sometimes I’m not well (physically at the moment, but mentally is a distinct possibility at times).
      As for a collaboration at some stage……… hell yeah.
      There are a lot of ideas floating around in my head so you never know where my head will lead me.
      I’m honoured that you thought to contact me.
      Keep enjoying what you are doing and you will soon be up to your armpits in followers……….. some of them may even be crazier than me.


  12. Thanks for the compliment at Cafe Whispers. I wish I had more time to browse here and get to know you and your pooches better. But time is short these days. I have a great sense of the urgency of this coming election and the need to do what we can to support the Prime Minister and her government,. More is at stake than just the ALP. I think our democracy is under threat from Rupert Murdoch and his mates.

    Just finished this which Miglo may use at Cafe Whispers but I’ll give you my site address here to reciprocate the opportunity to visit you today. Au revoir!



  13. Your sense of humour is priceless – first time I’ve had a smile on my face and a chuckle in front of my computer (for a very long time).
    Keep up the that wonderful and rather unique style of writing. (I didn’t realise you were a ‘local’ – I thought you lived overseas – until I read quite a few of your posts).


    • Thank you very much for those VERY kind comments. I’m so glad this post made you smile.
      Kinda local…….. we live in the Blue Dandenongs but I/we grew up in the suburbs (Preston mostly) I share your passion for our city (I say passion because I have seen your photos) your work is excellent. If you have a ‘photographer’s eye’, as you do, our amazing city can be a bit overwhelming, there is so much to shoot. Sometimes I spend most of the day in one street, and sometimes I have to put my camera away and just wander. Because it is a bit of a hike and also because I like it here, I don’t get into the city as much as I should. MIFF is coming up and I get two weeks of intensive wandering interspersed with lots of movies……. bliss.
      I look forward to seeing your work as the weeks go by. Next time you are out on a shoot have a coffee for me, or possibly a glass of red?


    • I consider myself thanked! and thank you for the thank you.
      I guess, like a lot of people, I found you because of Christian’s blog. The man knows a good writer when he sees one.
      Be well, and I look forward to reading your stuff.


  14. Glad you liked my little rave on Sethsnap, Terry. I like to just stream-of-consciousness and see where it goes. Good fun. I read your latest post and it reminded me of my own writing style. I fell in love with your sentence: All dogs talk, you just have to learn how to listen. So absolutely true! I will write something under that heading sometime but will attribute the quote to you. And green Jaguar saloons just make my heart go pit-a-pat. That black dog nips at my heels too often, too, and sometimes drags me to the ground but, like you, ya just take each day as it comes and do what you have to to get through. Very best wishes, David.


    • Thank you for those lovely words David.
      I’m still getting used to this whole ‘world community’ thing and I often don’t know where people come from until they post something that identifies their part of the world. When you post that excellent little piece on sethsnap I assumed you were a yank or possibly a Canadian, but I see you are an Aussie.
      It does not seem to matter where creative people come from, does it?
      I’m sorry to hear that the ‘black dog’ follows you also [shame that it has gotten to be called that, I quite like black dogs, Churchill should have thought before he spoke….. then again, if you are an Aussie you will know that Churchill would do whatever he liked without much thought to who might get hurt].
      As for the Jag………. what can I say?
      It’s been a struggle to hang onto her as she is ancient and keeping her in good order costs.
      As for the sentence, feel free to use it I probably stole it from someone else anyway. I must say that that is a first for me…… I’m usually scribbling down a sentence that I just read so I don’t forget it. It’s nice to know that someone else is doing that with something I wrote.

      Keep that ‘stream of conscience’ going……. exciting things happen.
      Be well big fella.


  15. The tragedy of Jaguars – and I’ve never owned one, just always lusted after them – is that their quality control fell apart so badly for so long. But they still have that indefinable cachet, eh? And BRG just makes the heart go faster. Love that colour. yes, shame about the black dog. used to have a wondrous black Kelpie (similar to an Australian cattle dog). She was gorgeous but was finally taken by a tick. And, yeah, she sure used to talk to us when she felt like it. An amazing experience. And, yes, this whole blogging thing sure shrinks the world, eh? But coming across kindred spirits makes it well worthwhile. I look forward to remaining in touch. Cheers, mate, have a ripper day!


  16. Hi,

    I read the comments you left on Lachlan and Cathy’s post and thought I’d come and say hello and read your musings 🙂 I too love green and Jag’s, although being English and a car lover, cannot say too much that’s positive about today’s breed. Funnily enough, my cannot live without my Tetley English Tea Bags, made in India (not surprisingly) and made by Tata – the company owner responsible for killing the Jaguar brand. Ironic huh? My American station wagon (called Griswald), which I am not licensed to drive, but thankfully my American husband is, is British Racing Green 🙂 I love cars … and bikes and tractors and big rigs and … if it drinks petrol or diesel I’ll look at it.

    I have a background in mental health … lived it, worked it and married it …. twice! Also been a teacher. Amfascinated by homeschooling – an unusal phenomenem in England still. Now at 43 I am a stunned mullet stay at home Mama. Funny old world hey? I too live in the hills and in a week shall exchange the hills and backwoods for mountains and the kind if backwoods you venture into with a gun. I do not own a gun although even as a Brit with Permanent Residence, I’m allowed one. Some things are just best not tried lol.

    Looking forward to reading your blog. I live the way bloggers meet don’t you? The beautiful randomness of it – like finding a surprise gem in the library just because the cover or title caught my eye and I was up for a little Reading Roulette.

    I may find out as I read but if you don’t mind a short cut question too much (I know, the teacher in you is incensed), where are your hills?

    I am glad that despite you’re surprise, you are indeed still alive.



    • Wow Abi, that was quite a comment….. I smiled several times.
      First things first…. ‘the Hills’ mentioned are to the east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne is a very big city [in area] and it can take a couple of hours to drive from one side to the other and that’s on freeways!
      Our side of town is more recently settled [the hills are quite old by comparison]. Basically the area used to be a temperate rainforest [big chunks still are]. It’s an amazing place to live and it about an hour from Melbourne. The highest point is Mount Dandenong and our area is often called the Dandenong ranges [not to be confused with the suburb of Dandenong which is quite flat, but nearby]. We have our own train line [which is cool] and the States largest tourist attraction, Puffing Billy….. obviously a steam train. You can hear it from our house.
      Your existence in the US sounds VERY interesting indeed and yes, I’m constantly amazed by how we all find each other in blogland!

      What would you say is the best thing about living where you live?

      Link to a post about where we live:

      I hope you are having an excellent day.


  17. Thanks for answering my question about the Theatre on St Georges Road and for finding my blog. From time to time I communicate with other Melbournians and wonder if I am walking past them or sitting next to them. I’m more likely to be in Smith Street though. There is another building being propped up in a similar fashion on the corner of Wellington and Easey Street in Collingwood. It has been in a very sorry state for far too long – anything they can do for it will be good I think. It has a historic name of Portsea?


    • To be honest, I’m amazed that they are preserving the facade [and pleased]. With the current planning minister t seems that anything goes.
      Worked on Smith Street for a year [a while ago now], it’s an awesome street.
      Be well.


  18. Your blog is wonderful and I’m honored you stopped by ours and shared some Liking for our photographic efforts — this was certainly a case of a school program that delivered some magic for my kids. Too bad it was only a week-long summer class!


    • You are very kind.
      I enjoyed your ‘about’ page as well. I’m amazed that people have trouble writing an ‘about’ page…. it’s the first place I go and I know from my stats that a lot of people do the same with me.
      You and your Honda and your twins sound like you have a lot of fun……… I wonder if your kids know how lucky they are?
      Be well and don’t for get to be awesome.


  19. Wonderful biography. It’s nice to see someone has had as many “occupations” as I have. In my case, it was mostly wasting time avoiding what I’d really like to be doing. Great blog.


    • Thank you.
      One of my ‘friends’ once said, “If there is an interesting job that pays very little Terry will find it.” He wasn’t being kind but he was right. It has been an interesting ride. My mum used to say that I was gathering stories….. which was strange because I did not write in those days.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  20. Hi Terry, thanks for “liking” my stuff. Yeah, cool with you using the drawing of Station Street – tell me more, though, ok?
    I love Melbourne – our daughter lived there for about 10 years. She took us into the Dandenongs for a drive and to eat at the “Cookoo” – loved that. And we got a shoutout for coming from NZ.


    • I sometimes use other WP people photos for inspiration. I liked yours and would like to do the same at some time in the future [things are a bit hectic at the moment]. All credit will go to you and the photo will link back to your site. There will also be a ‘photo credit’ at the bottom of the page.
      If you click on my ‘fiction’ section you will see that I have done this a number of times.


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