Chadwick and Veronica: remembering

I’m in the midst of the Melbourne International Film Festival at the moment. It’s an event that lasts for two weeks and I look forward to it every year. It’s a kind of ‘busman’s holiday’ for me. I get to enjoy other people’s stories for a change. But, it does make it hard to find time to write new stories so I’m sure you wont mind if I post one of my favourite’s from last year. Some of you wonderful people will have read it then and my ‘new people’ can hopefully, enjoy it for the first time. I’ll post a new story on Friday [Australian time], but in the meantime I trust you will enjoy this……………..



As it turned out, it was all about memory.
Chadwick Kirchmeier had spent a large portion of his long life fiddling about with stuff.
At least that’s how his wife Veronica described it.
They were both a bit forgetful but not so much that it caused problems.
They were not what other people would consider old but they knew that life does not go on forever, at least not in these corporeal bodies, and Chadwick wondered what might happen if one or both of them began to drift off into that unkind darkness.
He was determined to gather all their memories together so that those who came after them would know who they had been, who they loved and who loved them.
Neither of them could write well let alone type, and the idea of talking into one of those damn machines had little appeal, so Chadwick did what he…

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Rufus Finds a Body.

It is said that the only creature on this planet that loves you more than itself is your dog. Rufus would agree. He’s is out of his element having ‘gone to the country’, but never-the-less, he will protect his mistress……

Understanding Your Dog


Reading this story first might enhance your enjoyment……

A dead body smells funny.

Not funny exactly; more strange that funny.

I found it, and it’s mine.

Humans aren’t supposed to smell like that, and they aren’t supposed to lie that still.

I sniffed where the breath should be and nothing came out.

I’m definitely claiming it but I’m not sure what to do with it.

I need help. I need my mistress, and the best way to get her to come is to bark really loud.

I have different barks for different occasions and she seems to understand most of them, which is great because it means that we can share stuff. She likes my ‘happy to see you bark’ best of all, even if it does wake everyone up when it is dark outside.

That’s another thing; why do humans insist on wandering around after it has gotten…

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Acting My Face.




The good stuff:

There are lots of stories about his time in Hollywood.


The not so good:


*He is obsessed with telling the story about his mother; she was an amazing woman, but it does go on for way too long.

*His style is not appealing [just my opinion]

*The introduction is a HUGE mistake. After reading it I knew this was not going to be an enjoyable ride. If I had been browsing the book in a bookstore I would have put it down and moved on.

*The Hollywood stories are interesting but they lack depth and feeling.

I prefer autobiographies because they give you a slightly higher chance of finding out the truth about a person. I say slightly because people who write them often don’t want to tell you stuff about themselves so the book you read is essentially censored. A prime example…

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Do Good Things Come In Threes?


Do Good Things Come In Threes?

After an impressively long list of rejections in the later part of 2013 I got a YES.

I had become so used to ‘unfortunately it’s not right for us, good luck placing it elsewhere’ …… yeah, ‘good luck’ is right!

In a sea of blue flags [yes, in lieu of printing them out and impaling them on a spike a la Stephen King, I mark them with a blue flag in my mailbox] I nearly missed a yes from ‘The Paperbook Collective’. An added pleasure is that it is an international magazine which originates from my own country, Western Australia ………. which is a VERY long way from where I live, but it is in my country.


Interestingly, the story is not one of a group of stories that I have been trying to sell but a story which I also have great affection for. I had submitted a shortened version of it to a competition that required a ‘weather’ theme. I changed the name of the story so that it reflected the theme, and I guess it was on my mind when the opportunity to submit to The Paperbook Collective came along.


It was included in the January edition and it arrived in my letterbox [my actual mailbox] and I have spent a bit of time just staring at it.

I know this must sound crazy to those of you who have been published many times but to me this is special.

I have been published a few times over the past few years but always for non-fiction essays.

This is my first piece of published fiction.

My muse was a bit annoyed with me for not making more of a fuss, but truthfully, I was just enjoying that lovely warm feeling that comes when things start to come together.

Fast forward to the start of this month and I am entering a short, short, short story competition and I get an acknowledgement from the editor. Not an automated letter but a personal note wishing me luck with my entry in the competition. Then the good bit……….. would I like to submit a longer piece “on a subject of my choosing” for consideration.


MAR1st 108

I sent in ‘Rosie’s Diner’ and they loved it………. no more blue flags for Rosie!

The story went live yesterday and Rosie looks very comfortable in print [electronic print this time].

Now, all I need is a green flag to put along side of my novella and the ‘good things come in threes’ will be complete…… hint, hint, hint.

A Little Closer.

Some days Zed just cannot get close enough!
Today is one of those days.
His tummy hurts and he does not know how to make it stop.
Sitting on my shoulder reminds him of when he was a pup.
It’s the safest place that he knows.
The sore tummy usually sorts itself out naturally so there is nothing to do but wait it out.
A dog’s rumbling tummy that close to your ear can be quite a distraction.

Brightway Corner.

This piece made it into the ‘Milk Bar Magazine’ a little while back. Always cool when your work gets published. I’ve added a few more photos. I hope you enjoy this piece from earlier this year.


My childhood was spent in Preston and against all the

odds, I survived.

This article has been published in Milkbar Mag


These days it’s easier to survive and from the look of the street I grew up in, it is a happy place to be.
Practically every house in my childhood neighbourhood has been ‘restored’.
Unrestored and in many ways just the way it was when it first opened back in the 1950s is the ‘Brightway Corner’ Milk Bar.
There is a tram stop right out the front which was moved about twenty five metres a few decades back.
The reason for the move is unclear but now the trams block a side street when they stop, which is cool I guess.
Sixty years is a long time. No one seems to remember who built this tiny milk bar but it is still there selling all the things that modern…

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I Need Your Help.

A few days ago I came across a Canadian writer, quite by accident. His writing was amazing and I expected him to have a massive following, but he doesn’t. It turns out that he is not very good at promoting his work….. people freak him out.
I’m asking a favour of all my loyal readers. If and when you have a few minutes to spare check this guy out. If he is not your cup of tea you have only wasted a few minutes but I’m betting that more than a few of you will see what I saw.
Here is a post to get you started, it shows his ability with words and the depth of his imagination.
and another;
Thank you in advance, I know you will have fun.