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Boris lives in the KEEPER OF SECRETS universe.
Susan encounters him in the first book of the series and in SECRETS KEPT we get to know a bit more about him.
He is always there when Susan meets with ‘Backdoor Barry’, silently doing his job. Sometimes lipreading the mute old TV set, sometimes tending to his bartender duties. A quiet observer of everything that goes on at the Rising Sun Hotel.
When I finished the second book in this series, I couldn’t help wondering what was happening in Boris’ life when we were not around. Has he been a part of Barry’s adventures? Was he around when that chair acquired its famous bullet hole? Does he have a romantic interest?
As you can see, these questions needed to be answered.
Boris is more than just a bit part player in Susan Smith’s adventurous life — Boris has a life of his own.

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Melbourne’s finest old hotel, wine, whisky, cafes, restaurants, fashion, daggers, policemen, beautiful cars, and a mature couple very much in love, all play their part in an adventure that unfolds over a LONG WEEKEND.

Sam and Scarlett have been married for a little over a year. Scarlett has recently inherited her father’s multimillion-dollar business empire and Sam has retired from being a private detective to help Scarlett run the business.  A four-day weekend at the Windsor, designed as a ‘getaway’ from the pressures of their new life is interrupted by Detective Inspector Blank, who tries to entice Sam out of retirement to help him with a high-profile murder committed not far from Sam and Scarlett’s iconic hotel, The Windsor.

Sam and Scarlett are determined to enjoy their time together, but Sam’s fame as a mystery writer and private detective seem determined to drag them into this mystery.


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A Sam and Scarlett Mystery.

By Terry R Barca.



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A collection of short stories that refused to be alone.

Some stories DEMAND a second part, and sometimes a third part.

This is a collection of those stories.

This is Book 2 in the series.

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From lifelong friendships to the goings-on at a small town diner, from an old man’s relationship with a small bird to a conversation between a couple of working angels; this is a journey through the imagination of a writer who crosses many genres, and dives down many laneways. People fascinate this author and his stories reflect his fascination. 29 stand-alone stories tell various tales. Read how Dr Doug battles a magpie, discover why it always rains on Sunday. Why does the devil go down to Brunswick Street, find out why Chester became a hero or discover the story behind Sam’s scar. These stories are a ‘slice of life’, and this author will grab your attention and deliver you into a moment and leave you wondering what these characters will do with the rest of their life. If you have read ‘PASSERBY’ you will already be caught in Terry’s web. His stories sweep you away and make you wish you knew these people and could share in their lives. The reader will discover why finding a shoe can be as dangerous as finding a gun. Secret signals between lovers mix with insanity and determination. In the time, it will take you to fry an egg you could be whisked into a world of a silent film star or immersed in an invention designed to hold a loved one’s memory. So, pull up a comfortable chair, pour yourself a glass of something nice and enter the imaginary worlds that Terry creates, and you might find yourself asking if these worlds really do exist.


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Slightly Spooky Stories: a little girl and big hotel, a surprise phone call and a uniform that smells like chocolate. Spooky means different things to different people. Some people find time travel a bit spooky, others find that people with special abilities make them a bit nervous. What about people who see things? Sometimes it is as simple as a wife who decides it is time to go or a secretary who finds that her boss is no longer breathing. A policeman battling to keep his small country station from being swallowed up by decisions made in a far-off city. A dead body on the side of the road and a story unfolds that shakes the ground under some very important people. A young man goes to live in a big house and uncovers the secrets of the people who live there.
You won’t die of fright, but you will be left wondering.





Rufus cover 3 large

Short Stories for those who are young at heart


Rufus is an observer of life, his own, quadruped and human. He loves his life and he knows his place in the world. From solving a murder to confronting a crab, from time with good friends to saving a life, Rufus is the kind of person you would like to spend some time with. If your dog biscuits suddenly go missing, Rufus will solve the mystery. If you need a new home but you don’t realise it Rufus will quietly solve the problem. He will remember you when you are gone and he will share his wisdom with you while you are making your way in the world, but above all else, he will steal your heart.


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Short Story anthology Book 3


This is Book 3 in my short story anthology series and you are very welcome to go back and read Book 1 (Loyal and True) and book 2 (Passerby). The first story in this collection gives the book its name. The main character is a self-reliant female and you will meet a few more as you work your way through these stories. 47 stories and a total of 36,000 words. These stories are the perfect length to read on the train on the way to work, or sitting in a waiting room, or simply sitting under a favourite tree. This collection of stories, written over the period of a year, will take you from revenge to exploding Volkswagens, from a favourite bartender to a mysterious blue car. A private detective finds more than he bargained for and a lonely housewife is sure she can hear noises where noises should not be. A widow who volunteers in a Thrift shop makes a discovery while a couple of scientists make a series of unusual discoveries. Not to mention girls with record players, caravans with hidden compartments and an encounter with an unusual mirror. No two stories are alike and that’s the way I like them. Short stories are my strong suit and I’ll keep writing them as long as you keep enjoying them.



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Version 2

Spy Mystery Novella


Susan, a bereaved daughter, stumbles upon her grandmother’s journals. Stories hidden from the family of adventures, spies, a mysterious discarded toy, lost loves and revenge flash before her eyes sparking a desire to escape her ordinary life.

In a dusty attic, Susan holds her sadness in check as she attempts to organise her mother’s stored memories. Boxes of journals written by her grandmother reveal a hidden secret life lived out during the modern world’s most dangerous conflict. Time slows down as the young woman relives her ancestor’s exciting life. The quiet dismissive old lady that she knew does not fit with the vibrant idealistic young woman she reads about in these journals. The identity of the mysterious ‘Keeper Of Secrets’ is ultimately revealed and this revelation leads Susan to a decision — she is going to escape from her ‘ordinary life’ and live a secret life of her own.



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TRUST final cover (1)

You have probably seen a Medium on TV, or maybe you have been to a public performance and watched a Medium do readings for a crowd of people, each one hoping to connect with a loved one who is no longer living. The chances are that you wondered how they do it. What is happening inside their head while they are doing a reading? How do they get the courage to stand up in front of people and bring through the Spirit of a loved one? Well, now is your chance to find out. TRUST explains what goes on before, during and after a reading. It talks about the training involved and some of the joys and pitfalls. I discuss my experience as a Medium and I draw on the experiences of my colleagues. As a special bonus, I have included a number of fiction short stories that were inspired by Mediumship. I write fiction for a living, but this book is very much ‘real life’. I love what I do and I want you to share in the wonder and the tears. It’s been quite a ride and I know you are going to enjoy finding out what goes on inside the head of a Medium. All it takes is a little TRUST.





Schoome: An Adventure in Homeschooling.



This is the book we wish we had been able to read when our adventure began. It started out as a means to recapture all of the fun and to retell some of the stories. But it seemed like a good idea to write it as an encouragement to those parents who were considering homeschooling. A question we asked was ‘How does it work out?’ What kind of adults come from this style of education? Our boys are all grown up with families of their own, so you will see how successful the experience was for all of us. We don’t gloss over the problems either. It’s all here.

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6 thoughts on “My BOOKS.

  1. Hi Terry,

    I saw your book Slightly Spooky Stories on Blurb. You seem like a guy who’s put a lot of work into his writing career.

    I was wondering if you might be interested in a copy editor for any future writing you decide to do. I’m a professional editor, and I could help with grammar, word usage, style, consistency, punctuation, and so on. An extra layer of polish would help your books be the best they can be, and might help your sales, too.

    I’d be happy to do a free, zero-obligation sample edit to show you how we might work together.

    My rates are flexible. More details at:

    You can reach me at:

    Let me know if you’re interested, and best of luck!

    Brian Buckley

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Brian,
      You are a luxury/necessity that I currently cannot afford….. but fear not, you are on my mind, and you are on a list of people I need [it annoys me greatly, because it takes me away from writing]. I really do need your skills, but I have to be realistic. I don’t have a big publishing house behind me and my income is small. My most recent non-fiction book, TRUST, has done quite well and this gives me confidence for the future. Hopefully, by the time I’m successful enough you won’t be too busy to help me.
      I admire you industrious approach and your well-worded message/comment.
      Thank you for taking the time to contact me and I will remember you and your service.


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    • Hi Jacqui. Thank you very much for the RUFUS review. As you know, every bit helps to get the word out. Naturally I will visit your blog on the 9th — aren’t you kind to post your review there — RUFUS 2 is a little ways away, but he says to say woof


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