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Didn’t Make It Home

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The audiobook is free if you preorder a print copy before the publication date.

Okay, so it took a little longer than I thought, but it is worth the wait. The book now includes two novellas — UNEXPECTED and READ ALL ABOUT IT was well as a bunch of stories written specifically for this anthology. As a special treat, there are a series of Sam and Scarlett stories that follow Sam’s journey as he rediscovers his love for Scarlett after his near-fatal car accident. These stories are lifted from the ill-fated and as yet unpublished novel, YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS. These are adult stories and not for anyone who is upset by depictions of lovers doing what comes naturally. The book, DOT, DOT, DOT … will be available in late December or early January, and if you preorder a print copy, you will receive the audiobook for free. So don’t just sit there, order your advance copy now. This is a limited print run so don’t miss out.

William Bullpepper Won It Twice



The award is called the John Dawson Award, and it was named after Australia’s oldest criminal, who at the age of 82 was sentenced in Adelaide to twelve months prison, concluding a criminal career lasting some sixty-eight years.

Naturally, the prize is for Crime Fiction.

You have to be over 60 years of age to enter, and you need to be unpublished.

John Dawson would have been pleased as the last three winners were all over the age of seventy and at least one winner was over eighty.

This was the thirty-fifth time the award had been given, and the prestigious award went to me, Leonard Warring.

I only just make it over the required minimum age, and it is the first time since I was a teenager that I have had to produce a birth certificate to prove how old I am. The last time was to show I…

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DOT DOT DOT … is coming soon.

If you preorder your PRINT copy you will receive the audiobook (read by the author Terry R Barca) for free if you live in Australia. Overseas readers will have to cough up for postage  (for the book and CD, although I can arrange a download for the audiobook if that is preferable).

The print edition will be $25 plus $7 for P&H Aus

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