Click on the photo below, or the link, and it will take you to my Home Schooling blog ‘SCHOOME’.

This blog has photos and articles on education (always a hot topic) as well as discussions on home schooling.

I wrote a book called ‘Schoome’, about our experiences of home schooling our boys back in the 1990s and this blog exists to support and to follow on from that book.

I hope you have fun and find something of interest.

Feel free to comment, even if you disagree, all considered comments are welcome.




One thought on “Schoome

  1. One day I will finally put pen to paper and share my insights on that adventure we shared with our boys – a very fruitful and exciting {at times} period in our lives. When Terry wrote this, his first book, I was so focused on my career and ‘getting it done’ {whatever that means…} that I could not slow myself down enough to make what I would consider a cogent response. We shall see how it feels from here…….


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