December 19th is Rufus Day

Rufus cover 3 large (4)

This is your first look at the cover for RUFUS.

He will hit the streets, so to speak, on December 19th, 2015.

He has been raring to go for a while now, but an important ingredient was missing.

RUFUS needed illustrations.

The book has some photographs, but I thought it was important to have illustrations as well. I asked the universe to send me an illustrator I could afford, who would also do RUFUS justice and the universe decided to mess with me, just a little bit before it delivered.

Despite my frustration, the wait was worth it.

Trish Davis, like many artists, has to do other work to make ends meet and it was at her other job that I met her. She is a typically shy artist and it took another person at her place of work to draw my attention to her. Long story short: over a period of a couple of months we formed a partnership of sorts for this project. It helped that she fell in love with Rufus because her feelings for him come out in her illustrations.

To start with, I was only looking for a cover, but Trish suggested that she would like to do some illustrations for some of the stories. Naturally, I was delighted. The first three stories are all connected and they were the first Rufus stories that I wrote, so I was delighted that she produced illustrations for each of these stories.

Life goes on until it doesn’t, is one of my favourite stories so I asked if she would do an illustration for it and I think you will agree that it is an important part of the story.

Trish Davis has an Etsy page and I encourage you to visit this talented lady’s site.

The paperback version of Rufus will be up on the Blurb site before the eBook release, but I will not have copies in my hand until a few days after the release, but you will be able to purchase a copy from Blurb (or me if you don’t mind waiting.

Naturally, Rufus will be available from all the eBook retailers including Smashwords (who have all the formats as well as a button that allows you to send a copy of the book as a present via email…. cool!)

Version 2

Rufus is for anyone who is young at heart.

As my Rufus book blurb says,“Rufus is an observer of life, his own, quadruped and human. He loves his life and he knows his place in the world. From solving a murder to confronting a crab, from time with good friends to saving a life, Rufus is the kind of person you would like to spend some time with. If your dog biscuits suddenly go missing, Rufus will solve the mystery. If you need a new home but you don’t realise it Rufus will quietly solve the problem. He will remember you when you are gone and he will share his wisdom with you while you are making your way in the world, but above all else, he will steal your heart.”

Rufus 3 (3)