Tea or Coffee?


I switched from tea to coffee and it still didn’t help.

I started using the fine silver teapot, but he didn’t notice.

I had my hair done in the latest style, and he didn’t notice.

A pretty dress and nice shoes went unnoticed.

The conversation was nonexistent.

I tried shocking him into noticing me. “Would you like me to fellate you before you go to work dear?” He hesitated for quite a while, which wasn’t the reaction I expected, but finally he said, “That’s okay dear, I’ll get a sandwich at work.”

I’ve tried everything and I’m about to give up.

It’s time I took action.

The chap who fixes our radio is coming around early in the afternoon, maybe he can help.

I’m sure, if I ask him nicely, he will be able to suggest a course of action.

Such a fine young man.