If They Didn’t You’d Be Out Of A Job.


It’s occurred to me before and it occurred to me again when I was out walking my favourite quadrupeds; why do people complain about the behaviour that keeps them in work?

We were walking past the little playground that nestles into the corner of a street that leads up to the forrest. I used to take the boys there when they were little. It’s an unusual site for a playground as it is very steep and required that it be terraced into three parts. During the day mums bring their little ones to play on the swings and slides and at night the local teenagers use it as a meeting place. Mostly the teenagers are just looking for some privacy and hang out harmlessly with their friends. They are always friendly and don’t mind saying hello to the ‘old bloke’ walking his dogs. But every now and then you get one who needs to immortalise himself (do girls need the immortality thing as well?) by ‘tagging’ some part of the equipment.

This morning my entourage and I were approaching the playground when I noticed the council’s ‘anti graffiti truck’ pull up. As we walked by I spoke to one of the workers saying, “You’ve got a job for life there mate”. He agreed but added, “It’s a bit frustrating, but”.

I knew what he meant, you clean it up and a few weeks later some half wit who feels that he will pass through this life unnoticed if he doesn’t scrawl his initials on the side of a piece of playground equipment marks it up and the process starts all over again.

He wouldn’t be human if it didn’t annoy him at least a little bit but equally, he might be out of a job if the little blighters stopped scribbling.

I feel the same way about all those TV cops who constantly complain about crime.

No crime, no job!

Be thankful that there is a never ending supply of neerdowells out there keeping you in work.

I know what you are going to say, I’m confusing TV with real life and frankly even I’m not sure which I prefer, but in my defence I would like to say that I have spoken to ‘real cops’ and they complain just as much as their imaginary colleagues do.

So what’s the story here?

Is it just that people love to complain or are most people just a bit thick?

When I was a teacher I never once complained that the human race kept procreating, as a matter of fact I engaged in a bit of it myself.

When I fixed things for a living it never upset me that people kept breaking things.

I guess you get the idea, as long as people keep doing stuff other people get to earn a living, so seriously; enjoy it, encourage it, but don’t complain about it.