The Farm.


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

Michael had been away for a very long time.

His return home was unexpected but deeply necessary.
He was worn out and he need to hide away for a time and where better to hide than on the farm that was frozen in time.
The world was not allowed there.
He escaped to the world and now he was hiding from it.
There was blood on his hands.
You could not see it but it was there none the less, and like MacBeth nothing was going to wash it away.
He needed to find the strength to go forward but he was not sure where ‘forward’ was.
For the time being it did not matter.
He was going to be like the farm dogs, living in the moment not thinking about tomorrow.
He would smell his mums cooking and lie in the grass.
And the world could go directly to hell!



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