The Granddaughter and the Wall.


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

Her grandfather built the wall many moons ago.

Her grandmother planted the vine and kept it alive through a series of vicious summers.
The wall and the vines have a sort of partnership going. The vines break up the straight lines and the bricks give the beauty of the vines a kind of angular contrast.
The fence is very tall and Naomi loved to lean against it and gaze into the distance.
The bricks absorb the warmth of the day and radiate it at night.
Sometimes it was difficult for a young woman to be surrounded by so much history but there was comfort in that too.
The family had managed to hang on to the property even though their country had been through some dangerous and difficult times.
Leaning against that wall she could almost feel the struggle that had led to her comfortable existence.
Her world was bright and full of possibilities and as she gazed across the sleepy vista she wondered what life held for her.
Whatever it was she knew that the strength and wisdom of her ancestors would travel with her and there would always be a home to come back to as well as a high brick wall with the marks of her grandfather, to lean against on a sunny day.