Fly Away Home

It isn’t every day that you get to come home.

I didn’t expect to find her. I wasn’t looking, but isn’t that always the way?

She can run fast and I can fly, which makes for an interesting combination.

There will be a surprise wedding (not mine) and some time on a train. A visit to the house I grew up in and a quandary about sleeping arrangements. A ride in a horse and cart, and tea in a coffee shop.

And of course, there will be dancing.

Drinking after hours and a mad, barefoot dash for freedom.

All these things and a full heart, then I have to go, but she will wait for me. Wait patiently for me to fly away home.

FLY AWAY HOME a novella, coming in 2019


You Must Remember This — February 20th 2019

To celebrate the arrival of YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS, I’m including a chapter from the audiobook. The completed audiobook is a week or two away. It is a long, slow process which comes to a sudden halt if my voice is affected.

The book will be available later today as an eBook.


A Secret Hiding Place

Untitled 10

“So why me?” I said.

“Because no one is watching you, but they are watching us. To the rest of the world it will seem that a crazy person stole a riverboat, or bought it, whichever takes your fancy,” said Farr.

“I remember you always being very careful, but this seems a step up from careful. Are you sure you are telling me everything?” I said.

“Everything you need to know and with a bit of luck you won’t get that beautiful body of yours hurt or even dusty.”

I’d been at this long enough to know that none of this made a lot of sense, but it seemed easy enough, on the face of it and when it was over my debt would be paid.


SECRETS KEPT — coming soon.