On Probation.


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

George loved Riley and it was the first time in their lives that something, or someone had come between him and Harry.
Riley moved to their town with her parents. Her dad had been transferred because of his job.
Riley’s arrival unsettled every boy in town but George and Harry fell the hardest.
Neither of them had actually spoken to her; they weren’t game.
She wasn’t just beautiful, she was smart as well. How the hell do you speak to a girl who is both of those things?
Being attractive and smart and popular can take it’s toll, for the loneliest place can often be in the middle of a crowd.
Riley knew that George and Harry liked her and she wondered why they never said anything other than the occasional ‘Hello’.
The boys knew that this could not go on; it was damaging their friendship.
Something had to be done.
They hatched a plan.
They would approach her at the upcoming town dance and ask her to choose.
The night of the dance rolled around and the boys were true to their word. They waited until Riley was relatively alone and they popped the question.
Riley just smiled and stood between them. She put her arms through their arms and whispered in their ears, then walked quietly away to join the others.
George spoke first. “What did she say to you?”
Harry answered, “She said we were on probation and only time would tell.”
“What do you think she meant?”
Their friendship continued unabated but now they had to live with confusion and doubt.
These are states that every man has to learn to live with; but almost every man would agree that it is worth it!

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