One Sings: The Other Doesn’t.

Jack Vettriano Painting 8

I heard them say it once, “One sings, the other doesn’t.”

It’s true that we look a lot alike, but don’t you think that is a strange way to tell us apart?

My tits are slightly larger and rounder, but no, that’s not how they tell us apart.

I suppose I should be glad that it’s not our physical characteristics that are used to differentiate us, but I’m not.

I can sing, it’s just that she has an excellent voice and mine is going to sound wanting, when compared to hers.

I grew up thinking that boys said things like, “One will give you head and the other one won’t,” that sort of thing, but to pick on our vocal ability seems almost obtuse.

It is true that she wouldn’t give head, at least not until she got to know the boy, and it is also true that I did, but only that one time, and I was young and someone said boys like that a lot, and I wanted to be liked. We all do things when we are young and it shouldn’t follow us around for the rest of our lives.

For sisters, we get along very well.

We are competitive but not so much that it gets in the way.

She kissed a boy before I did but the next day I went right out and caught up.

I’ll never forget the look on his face.

I was way out of his league but I didn’t have any time to waste so I kissed him; right on the mouth. He seemed to like it a lot, he even put his arms around me. He wasn’t the most attractive boy around the place, but he was sweet.

His reputation went through the roof because a few of his mates saw me kiss him.

He always smiled at me after that and I smiled at him too.

I kissed him a few more times over the years, mostly at parties. I liked it and I liked him.

He married a girl who was a year behind us at school and I never got to kiss him again.

I’m not sure if she appreciates him or not. We don’t move in the same circles.

I always smile when I think of him.

We never got much further than kissing. He felt me up a couple of times but always ‘over clothes’. I returned the favour, of course.

It was all very exciting at the time and I laugh now.

All so innocent and mutual. 

.Painting by Jack Vettriano
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