No Trespassers Violators…………… something?


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This story is now published as part of the anthology ‘Loyal and True’.

No trespassing violators……. something; I couldn’t read the last word and the sign was on the ground.

They couldn’t  be that worried about trespassing if they couldn’t be bothered to look after the sign, at least that’s what I thought at the time.
It’s amazing how much stuff goes through your mind in the split second that it takes to drive past a partially obscured sign.
What was that last word, I wonder?
It doesn’t really matter any more, not really.
It should hurt a lot but it doesn’t.
I managed to put my finger into the hole and it came out all bloody.
I was considering doing it again but I thought that if I died at that moment (I was likely to die, wasn’t I?) then they would find me with my finger stuck in my bullet hole and they might think I was strange.
It’s strange how we don’t want to appear strange at the point of death but we really didn’t care that much when we were alive.
This is a really quiet road; they may not find me for days.
I wonder why he only fired once?
I guess he knew he was a good shot.
What was the last word on that sign?