Almost Missed the Bus.



I was lucky to get this shot.
I heard it coming and it was traveling slowly.
And, as luck would have it, I know the bloke driving the bus.
Our kids went to playgroup together about a million years ago. He’s a cool guy and he has been running his business for at least 30 years.
He closed his business premises a few years ago so I rang him to make sure he was OK. He was just moving his business back to his home [where it all started 30 odd years ago].
I try to stay in the moment but I keep getting pulled back into the past, which is not all bad and is also an important part of photography, but I have to guard against excessive ‘backward traveling’.
I do love ‘old stuff’ so I guess I’m doomed to linger in ‘days gone by’.
Someone said the ‘the future is stuff you have forgotten’, I kinda like that.