3 thoughts on “Memories Returned

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is an excerpt from a novel that I abandoned a while back. The story flows from a mysterious car accident and is basically a love story where the main character, Sam, falls in love again with his wife Scarlett. They are a mature couple with intriguing backstories. They have been married for about eighteen months when the accident occurs. The car accident and its cause are a subplot. My first novella (The Long Weekend) was meant to be in the middle of this story. Dr Doug was to get his own spin-off novel, but that got put aside as well. My confidence and energy have been quite low over the last few months, but I’m hopefully that they will rise and I will return to these projects.

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      • I hate it when you find yourself feeling a bit low and disenchanted with writing: it’s a challenging situation to be in! I hope you feel re-energised and enthused again soon and can get back to working on them 🙂

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