Then She Was Gone.

_2234933 - Version 5_2

My talented son took this shot.
It was during the Busker’s Festival in Belgrave last Summer.
She was a highlight.
I love this shot and I am reminded that we must enjoy the present as everything changes. The venue in the background of this shot ‘Ruby’s’ is no more . More than a decade as a live music venue and one day there is a notice on the door saying that the landlord had taken possession.
The excellent Neon sign that was out the front has gone also.



A friend of mine got this shot of the same girl. Excellent shot. Click on the photo and it will take you to his FB page.

3 thoughts on “Then She Was Gone.

  1. Her face painted white pale as white could be
    eyes they if had nothing to see
    she was dressed but only physically
    her mood was astray and away, like a busy bee


    • That’s beautiful.

      This young lady had that effect on me too.
      She didn’t speak and there is something powerful in silence. Her body language was such that we felt privileged to be near her.
      When I saw her she was passing the spot where I took the photo of the little boy standing on his head. It was near a pub and the blokes there were well lubricated but friendly. They teased her and got their mates to take their photo standing next to her. I forgot I was a photographer for a moment [this very rarely happens] and I just watched her handle the situation. She never said a word but she had these drunk blokes completely under control. I spoke to her after she disengaged herself and said that I thought she handled the situation really well. She gave me a small smile……….. and then she was gone.


      • But you captured that moment are also silent..but speaks more louder than words..and the way you made her feel..perhaps that smile was a thank you note..before leaving she acknowledged it. A kindness felt..she will remember you..for how you made her feel and so shall you recall that incidence ..


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