Sign says what?


I saw this sign in Melbourne during the film festival and because of my intermittent obsession with owls it caught my eye.

To be honest I’m not sure why the owl is there but he’s cute, that’s what’s important, right?
Once upon a time people used to feel sorry for Vegans and now they bake stuff just for them. Would I need to show some form of Vegan ID in order to purchase what sounded like a delicious chunk of food?
Or, is this some elaborate plot to lure Vegans in off the street with the promise of chocolate and apricot, not to mention cookie, and then drag them into a back room and deprogram them showing them pictures of people happily eating burgers and steak sandwiches, some even standing around kebab vans looking hungry?
Or is it just that I’ve been inside too long?
And what do you have to do to an owl to make it kosher?
‘Tinkernicks, bakers of friendly foods.’ The whole damn thing is suspicious if you ask me.

11 thoughts on “Sign says what?

  1. Well, there’s so many eateries around these days, you’ve got to have something cute or eye-catching to draw the customers in.

    So “Vegan” it is.


    • Chocolate certainly is a universal language. If the international currency system broke down we could always go to the chocolate standard. My youngest son is a vegetarian and when we asked him why [he was very young at the time] he said that he did not like eating creatures…….. which I thought was a very good answer.


  2. I think they think its a bird not an owl. And birds eat seeds. They are offering mixed seeds and spices. Hence their little logo of what they believe to be a bird. Silly marketing really…who wants to eat at a restaurant that a bird would enjoy? Or even an owl?


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