My good lady is a very talented person.

She creates all sorts of beautiful things and one of them is jewelery. I encouraged her to share her creations with the wider world and she signed up to exhibit at our local ‘every couple of months and when the weather will allow’, craft market.

It’s called the Grassroots Community Market and until very recently it was held in Upwey. That is until a few short sighted business owners complained about the lack of parking on market day! One Saturday every second month and they complained. The council is fine with the market but the organisers are very good people and they are upset by the ‘agro’ and have decided to suspend the market for the foreseeable future. Which is a real shame because I get these amazing photos (I’ll put a few more up at a later date).

This photo is of a stand that makes all the amazing things you can see using a hand fret saw! The quality is amazing and as you can see it makes for a great photo. Natural light was a big help and my wife brought the red shoe and gave it to her colleague for Christmas. It went down very well.


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