Nevermore Feeds His Family.


This brave fellow had a nest nearby and it reminded me yet again how brave wild creatures become when it is time to feed the family. I guess this applies to humans as well. My dad worked at a job that was not fulfilling for most of his life because he had a family to feed. Here’s to all the brave dads out there, whatever the species.

This is not a long lens shot, he was right there. I was lucky to get this shot. He really wanted a bit of my pie so he stayed there long enough for me to get off a quick shot, and yes I gave him a bit of pie. Models need to eat as well.


12 thoughts on “Nevermore Feeds His Family.

    • Thank you for those kind words. Just lately I’ve commented on a few photographer’s sites and the comment comes back “that shot was just a fluke”. As we both know there is no such think. You either have an ‘eye’ or you don’t and if you do situations like ‘Nevermore’ pop up. It wasn’t a fluke but I was in the right place at the right time and I did have a camera and a computer to do the after work.
      The best photo I ever took nearly never happened.
      It was back in the seventies and it was on a roll of black and white film which I did not process myself. The company I gave it to was one of those ‘holiday snaps’ type of places and to ‘save you money’ their machinery would reject any negatives that seemed ‘thin’. It was months after I got the photos back that I remembered the unusual set of circumstances that led to me taking this amazing shot. I searched through my negatives and there it was. I went into the darkroom (and I needed a few tricks to make it come out right) and there was this awesome shot. It was the first and last photograph I ever sold and I have a battered old blow up next to me as I type. All my negatives from that amazing time were lost long ago in a house move but the lesson was well taught…………. right place, right time and have a camera handy.


  1. Funny you find my blog (thank you for the like) so I find you, and find this on the day i’ve just posted my own “never more” — except my raven was, like the Monty Python parrot, nailed to his perch, so I should have done a better job of photographing him! I like your blog


    • The bird was VERY close to me when I took this, so it looks very large. Big enough when it is that close! Never threatened me though, just wanted a bit of my pie. We live in the Hills on the edge of Melbourne, about 40 Kms outs.


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