Rufus Finds a Body.

It is said that the only creature on this planet that loves you more than itself is your dog. Rufus would agree. He’s is out of his element having ‘gone to the country’, but never-the-less, he will protect his mistress……

Understanding Your Dog


Reading this story first might enhance your enjoyment……

A dead body smells funny.

Not funny exactly; more strange that funny.

I found it, and it’s mine.

Humans aren’t supposed to smell like that, and they aren’t supposed to lie that still.

I sniffed where the breath should be and nothing came out.

I’m definitely claiming it but I’m not sure what to do with it.

I need help. I need my mistress, and the best way to get her to come is to bark really loud.

I have different barks for different occasions and she seems to understand most of them, which is great because it means that we can share stuff. She likes my ‘happy to see you bark’ best of all, even if it does wake everyone up when it is dark outside.

That’s another thing; why do humans insist on wandering around after it has gotten…

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2 thoughts on “Rufus Finds a Body.

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